Dr (Mrs) John, Iniobong

Project Director

About Me:

Education & Training

Dr. Iniobong John is the Project Director, Sustainable Agro and Hunger Eradication (SAHE) Foundation responsible for overall management of the Foundation’s various projects. She is the co-manager Sustainable Urban Design and Infrastructure Research Cluster of the African Research University Alliance for Urbanization and Habitable Cities.

Dr. Iniobong John is a construction economics and construction management specialist with interest in, urban economics, industrial economics, informal economy, sustainable development, commercial management, sectorial and national competitiveness and design thinking. She holds a Ph.D. in Building from the University of Lagos. She graduated from the University of Lagos in 2008 with a Masters degree in Construction Management. She has headed the Quantity Surveying Unit at Caleb University, Lagos. Dr John is a registered Quantity surveyor, a consultant Quantity Surveyor and a senior coach in Design Thinking.

She has worked as a consultant project manager, trained and mentored entrepreneurs; won and managed international and local grants. Her passion for economic prosperity and market competitiveness has informed her passion and involvement in advocacy, working with some foundations and NGOs to enhance youth empowerment and economic empowerment in the agricultural sector.

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