Today (February 24, 2021) marks the commencement of our Urban Gardening Project with visits to proposed sites provided by two of our partners for the development of Bio-intensive urban gardens.

Visit this page for updates as this project on Bio-intensive urban gardening practise progresses, and for up-to-date information on project partners including renown vegetable and garden seeds developers, experts in Organic and Bio-intensive agriculture, producers of modern, futuristic and innovative garden tools, providers of compost, relevant private and public sector players and volunteers committed to the emergence of healthy gardens in their environment.

Updates on this page will also cover other sustainable agriculture and hunger eradication projects of SAHE Foundation.

Jextoban School

Jextoban School Building

Jextoban School Gardern Sites


Royal Group of Schools

Royal Group of Schools Building

Royal Group of Schools Garden Site

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