Expert Seeks Adoption of Smart Technologies to Boost Agricultural Productivity   

At a virtual press conference organized by the SAHE Foundation to launch the Young Tech Farmers (YTF) club scheduled for next Friday,24th May 2024, Dr. Adetunji Toyin, representing the Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) office, emphasized the urgent need for agricultural innovation in Nigeria.

Addressing the distinguished members of the press and attendees on Wednesday, Dr. Toyin recounts the persistent challenges facing the agricultural sector, dating back to her own primary school days. She stressed the importance of moving beyond mere discussions to practical solutions in tackling these challenges.

“Agriculture is the engine of development,” Dr. Toyin asserted, highlighting its critical role in ensuring food sovereignty. 

She underscored the imperative of increasing agricultural productivity in the face of a growing global population, noting that current productivity levels are not keeping pace.

To address this gap, Dr. Toyin advocated for the adoption of technology in agriculture, drawing attention to the practices of advanced countries where technology has significantly increased yields per unit area without the need for expanding land. She emphasized the importance of engaging the youth in agriculture and providing them with access to modern farming technologies.

Reflecting on recent shifts in government policy, Dr. Toyin commended the current administration for prioritizing the provision of modern agricultural equipment over traditional tools. 

She stressed the need to equip the younger generation with the necessary knowledge, training, and technological resources to ensure agricultural sustainability.

“We need to build that successor generation by providing the necessary capacities,” Dr. Toyin remarked, citing examples such as tractors, planters, drones, and irrigation technology. She also highlighted the role of ICT facilities and internet access in facilitating market information and input distribution.

Furthermore, Dr. Toyin commended the SAHE Foundation for hosting the event and reiterated the importance of strong political will to support agricultural innovation. 

She was however, lauded as a stalwart in Nigeria’s agricultural ecosystem, with a distinguished career spanning senior government positions and her current role with the Technologies for Africa Agriculture Transformation Office in Benin Republic.


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